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Leadz.io OTO:

OTO#1: LEADZ HIJACK: Onetime Payment Of $27

The most effective method to Piggyback Off Major INFLUENCERS, BRANDS AND CELEBRITIES:

Misuse Their Die-Hard Followers For Off-the-Chart Engagement, A Steady Stream Of Hungry Leads and Unstoppable Sales.

While Leadz.io review will be your new go-to apparatus for lead era, we know some of you get a kick out of the chance to get a HUGE edge over your opposition.

As in . . . . ​

Picking up a MASSIVE alternate way to find individuals who are keen on (and have as of now bought!) merchandise and enterprises like your own.

This implies . ..

You'll Instantly pick up the capacity to redirect the greatest fanatics of any specialty into YOUR own particular lead channels.

How might you want to fabricate a rundown of PREMIUM leads beat Twitter specialists have put in years and a large number of dollars developing?

On the off chance that you got amped up for utilizing Leadz.io to assemble a rundown of value leads on Twitter . . . you aint seen nothin yet.

Prepare for viral engagement, a colossal rundown of supporters who purchase high-ticket products – and unstable deals!

Presenting LEADZ HIJACK:


Leadz.io gives you awesome leads from Twitter.

LEADZ HIJACK gives you the best Twitter leads on a silver platter… ..

You'll have the capacity to use the specialist of top influencers, advertising specialists, masters, prominent creators, big names and top brands – in not more than minutes from now.

Access an immense pool of the MOST DEVOTED fans in your specialty. How immense?

Well . . . 58% of the universes beat brands have 100k+ Twitter devotees. Youll have the capacity to redirect these supporters and make them your own!

How can it function? It just find a way to abuse the leads of the greatest brands and influencers on the planet:

Enter ANY Twitter handle into the product to get a point by point rundown of their supporters.

Adherent outcomes show up in the Leadz.io dashboard. Utilize the product to support and draw in with these adherents (to transform them into your leads)

Take advantage of this pool of exceedingly connected with leads for high ticket offers of your own merchandise and ventures


In the event that somebody takes after a major brand or superstar in a specialty, youve got a demonstrated pool of the most crazy specialty fans readily available.

Leadz Hijack gives you a chance to take advantage of this pool voluntarily . . .

It makes it easy to discover every one of the supporters of significant influencers and brands . . . furthermore, tail them with a solitary snap . . . at that point put your leads through the same supporting succession which makes Leadz.io so effective.

Envision scooping the devotees of enormous influencers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Frank Kern, Neil Patel or Rand Fishkin . . .

Then again taking advantage of the adherents of huge extravagance brands like Range Rover, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Tiffany and Co., Louis Vuitton . . .

Making bank from the supporters of VIPs like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, David Beckham . . .

Channeling the adherents of creators like J.K. Rowling, Stephen King and James Patterson to your own particular rundown of shake strong leads.



There's no speedier approach to accomplishment than to see whats working and take it for yourself. What's more, Leadz Hijack helps you fabricate a rundown of super-focused on clients by occupying supporters from the most persuasive Twitter clients in your specialty.

Youll in a flash get to be a lead era V.I.P. ..which will empower you to:

Quick track YOUR income

Turned into an influencer in your own privilege

Develop your power to pick up trust and acknowledgment in your specialty

Get prompt access to the most steadfast specialty fans so you can get rehash deals


OTO#2: Leadz.io Agency (UNLIMITED): Onetime Payment Of $97


Various Earnings Options

100% Beginner Friendly

Can Be Completely Outsourced For without hands Income

Incredible approach to include wage streams for consultants and specialist co-ops

One final TIME:

We'd jump at the chance to educate you regarding a basic demonstrated salary stream you can include today which is a most optimized plan of attack to procuring cash on the web.

Its by giving administrations to customers… ..

Not by giving SEO administrations, similar to you may think. Web optimization takes months to deliver comes about, and unless you have a demonstrated reputation of positioning sites, youll think that its extremely hard to offer your administrations.

Also, its unnerving to think one single mix-up could sink your customers sites to the storm cellar of the internet searcher rankings (and genuinely harm their occupations.)

Who needs that sort of weight and duty?

Another administration which isnt simple to offer without a demonstrated reputation is sending movement by means of paid promotions. Not very numerous entrepreneurs will give you a chance to find how proportional paid crusades on THEIR dime.

Also, administrations like copywriting and visual depiction require profoundly specific aptitude sets which take months . . . indeed, even years to learn.

Youd likewise need to put resources into costly instructional classes and guides to get to a level where you can make genuine coin – also investing years of practice to wind up sought after.

Whos got the sort of time or the money required to take in these abilities?

​However, on the off chance that you offer lead era administrations, you can produce thousands every month in wage – without gambling money or going up against huge amounts of stress and weight.


What better and simpler approach to get a full profit for your venture today than by setting up Leadz lead gen battles for customers?

Theyll adore the lift in leads, and youll cherish making another income stream.

Making different floods of wage is one approach to shield yourself from high points and low points in the commercial center.

Furthermore, in light of the fact that Leadz is so natural and instinctive to utilize, setting up lead gen crusades for customers is a breeze, taking just minutes. Its a strong approach to produce more pay for your business – and it can be totally outsourced on the off chance that you pick.


No business can make due without crisp leads. Its why lead era is a such sought after administration . . . what's more, will stay as one for a long time to come.

Certainty: most organizations are shouting out for new leads . . .

Be that as it may, numerous entrepreneurs dont have the know-how to produce enough leads on a predictable premise to keep their organizations above water.

What's more, that is the place you come in.

You've as of now observed the sorts of results clients simply like you have gotten with Leadz.io. Presently you can take this SIMPLE, demonstrated programming to get every one of the leads your customers can deal with when you put resources into Leadz.io Pro Agency today.

Press The EASY BUTTON To Recurring Monthly Income:

Our Pro Agency release makes it super-basic for you to deal with your customer accounts.

Here's a more intensive take a gander at the components which make Leadz.io so natural to use for customer lead era. . . to the point your whole lead era business could be outsourced to a virtual partner.

Super simple to set-up – neighborhood business, on the web, disconnected altered movement at its finest

Add boundless customer records to your dashboard

Programming gives clients a chance to create approval interfaces so customers can have their Twitter accounts approved WITHIN the clients Leadz.io account.

Just pass on the connection created inside the Leadz.io Client Authorization tab to your customer. Twitter requests that your customer check their approval . . . once they've checked, their Twitter account points of interest will show up inside the Leadz.io Dashboard.

Your customers will be consoled you can't get to their passwords, see their email address or their immediate messages – their security is ensured at all circumstances

There are various alternatives to profit with lead era:

=> Run catchphrase ventures to get a rundown of prospects and offer those (the quickest and least complex choice)

=> Or run these prospects through the primary Leadz.io programming to make engagement, then offer these as PREMIUM leads at a higher cost

Consummate supplement to a current consultant business (SEO, copywriting, visual depiction, content written work, web-based social networking administration, and so forth ) as everybody needs leads

Leadz incorporates full following, so you'll have the capacity to simple demonstrate your customers the outcomes you're getting for them. They'll be excited when they perceive how quick their activity, social shares and leads spike.

Your customers will love the amazing way many leads they're getting . . . furthermore, how these crisp hungry leads adds to their primary concern! Which implies they'll keep YOU on retainer for a long, long time!

Links app of Leadz.io when you start business Twitter: https://business.twitter.com/

Offering one administration can lead into offering different administrations at higher value focuses (a large portion of which could be totally outsourced.)

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