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Low Self Esteem Signals & Fixes

If you are working harder in order to accomplish something, and yet you haven't done it yet, if you are watching others getting promoted instead of yourself, even if you are better than them, then you have definitely low self esteem problems, and therefore you need to take action in order to slove the problems.

Think about all the times when you really liked a person and you lost the connection because of your low self esteem. Or maybe that opportunity that might have changed your life, of only you had the courage to take it. There are so many examples, but it doesn’t really matter because after all, you know better than anyone that your low confidence is causing many problems.

Whenever you are feeling this way, you are trying to mask your true feelings, hoping that no one will notice your low self esteem. This is your weakness, and therefore you are trying to hide it as well as possible. The truth is no matter how hard you try to hide it, you will always leave behind some signals that will be seen, and therefore those around you will know the truth. Trying to hide your low self esteem, you will inevitably give some signals that will be perceived by the others, causing you many failures, both personally and professionally. This happens because people don’t communicate only with words, but also with the body language, and the former can’t be so easily controlled. The first step of overcoming your confidence issues is definitely to acknowledge these low confidence signals, in order to be able to correct them. In this way, even if you don’t feel better, at least you won’t be noticed by the others; and it has been proven that those who are acting to be better somehow will gain more self-esteem. Here you have a list of 10 low confidence signals, which will help you overcome the exterior signs, as follows:

  1. Weak body language. If you haven’t read any book about this subject, you should know that there are some behaviors that will expose you, such as crossing your arms, avoiding eye contact, etc.
  2. Permanent concern about looks. It is no novelty to you that no matter how you dress, you never feel attractive, and therefore you are always looking for external validation.
  3. Concern about what others might think. This one is one of the worst signs because it is really exhausting, especially if you are imagining the worst. The slowest detail of someone’s behavior will send you the wrong message.
  4. Indecisiveness. This one will make you doubt your thoughts, and you will refuse to take action out of fear of failure.
  5. Following other people’s advice. Advice is good, mainly when you ask for it, however, it is really hard to give advice without a very hard effort of trying to understand that person. Therefore, the only voice you should listen is your own because at the end of the day you are the only one who knows what is best for yourself.
  6. Fear of leaving the comfort zone. In this case, you need to overcome your fear of being in new situations, and of meeting new people.
  7. Inability of saying ‘NO’. This is a big problem, and you should learn to put your own needs and desires in front of anyone else’s.
  8. Fear of rejection. People miss many opportunities because they are afraid of rejection. You should be the first one to accept yourself.
  9. Negative thoughts. Even if you don’t believe it, negative thoughts attract negative actions, and therefore you need to change them.
  10. Fear of expressing desires. If you want something, you should ask for it, otherwise, the answer will always be no.

Now that you know all this, you can fix the situation. Here you have 5 ways of overcoming your confidence, as follows:

a) Act in your favor. Bring your ‘A’ game and make some good decisions that will improve your lifestyle.

b) Replace fear with curiosity. Everything in this life is a matter of perception, and you should try to see things from a different perspective. Therefore, you may think about what might expect you at the end of the ‘finish line’ if you are brave enough to compete.

c) Never compete with others. This may sound odd, especially because you may hear everywhere about the benefits of competition. The truth is that competition is a good thing, as long as you compete with yourself, trying to become with every single day.

d) Keep a positive journal. If you are writing the good things from your life, you will be more confident in the future.

e) See the better half. Take the example of Steve Jobs, who has always seen the better part of failure.

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